Working with Child Parent Relationships in .Net

Single relations are easy to add to your current dataset with multiple tables.

objDataSet.Relations.Add("RelationName", objDataSet.Tables("ParentTableName").Columns("account no"), objDataSet.Tables("Details").Columns("account no"))

Multiple relations require that you create an array of the datacolumns and add them to the relations like so

Dim oParentColumns As DataColumn() = New DataColumn() {objDataSet.Tables("ParentTableName").Columns("COlumnName1"), objDataSet.Tables("ParentTableName").Columns("COlumnName2"), objDataSet.Tables("ParentTableName").Columns("COlumnName3")}

Dim oChildColumns As DataColumn() = New DataColumn() {objDataSet.Tables("ChildTableName").Columns("ChildCOlumnName1"), objDataSet.Tables(.TableName).Columns("ChildCOlumnName12"), objDataSet.Tables(.TableName).Columns("ChildCOlumnName3")}

Dim oRelation As DataRelation = New DataRelation("RelationName", oParentColumns, oChildColumns)


Enjoy :)


Samsung Vibrant - T-Mobile - HD Video Recorder

Samsung Vibrant - T-Mobile Android Update

I woke up to a very nice surprise, my Samsung Vibrant had an update ready to install. While I was hoping for 2.2 Froyo ( which did not happen ) I did have several little tidbits waiting for my attention, I received a nice HD Camcorder, and a task manager similar to Advanced Task Killer.

In addition dialer looks to have had a slight change to it, and there seems there are more icons in the application that I need to explorer.

Thanks T-Mobile this should hold me over to a little longer while waiting for Froyo.

Firmware 2.1-update1

Build number ECLAIR.UVJI6



HP DV7 Laptop - CRASH and BURN

Update: - 11/4/2010 - Have had my DV7 back at home now for about a week or so and I must say that HP fixed it up right. It seems to be running smooth and actually cooler than before.

Either it was a bad motherboard or they clocked my CPU's back to run a tad bit slowwer ( I'll have to check that out ).
But HP fixed my computer and did not - I REPEAT did not wipe my drive clean, so all my data programming software was still installed. YEAH - Thanks HP for a JOB WELL DONE.

End Update: - 11/4/2010 -

Well I received my HP Hardware kit to add my 2nd hard drive to my laptop. But before I could even think about doing anything, something goes amiss. My Laptop Dies! - nope its not a Hard drive problem - I know this because while in te BIOS running a system DIAG the screen starts to flake out and shows checkards all over and the freezes, so its wither the motherboard or the ATI graphics card. UG - let me know if anyone else has a problem with a HP DV7.

Just to note a few other things that happened:

1) while in windows 7 the computer would start rebooting after only a minute or so, somtime 10 to 15 min. No it was not overheating because I had a fan blowing directly on it!

2) sometimes when I opened my laptop from sleep mode ( all hybernations was turned off ) the computer would start but the screen would remain black. In order to get it back I would have to hold the power button down and hard boot the computer.

So HP sent me a Prepaid box and Hopefully will be having this puppy back in my hands ASAP Wish me luck.. ( Good Luck Larry )



Unknown server tag ToolkitScriptManager

Ok this was a HUGE pain in the butt - why because I and you were not looking in the correct place to find this little item. Why is that because for some reason microsoft combined it with the AjaxToolKit dll file that we all happily install.

So where do you find this little baby that everyone is having so much trouble trying to locate? Right under your nose, that's right look at the bottom of that Ajax Contol Toolk Kit tab you imported for .net 3.5 or .net 4 it will be listed there.

Just drag and drop it onto your form and your all done. Now wasn't that Pain Free?

I have one question - Why in the HELL could I not find this little tid bit on any freaking microsoft blog - eh?


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