Children's Easter Book, Animated Easter Book

Sassy's Easter Adventure

Follow Sassy and her brother on riveting adventure to get eggs for Easter. Every page in this children's adventure is full of hidden animations and fun. It also includes 2 games ( 1 hidden ) and a coloring book for your eggs.

Children's Animated Story Book, Sassy's Easter Adventure, Read to me

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Mobile Developmet IPhone, IPad, and Android

Well the time has come for me to try my hand at mobile platfom development. I am looking to create several games in the same series.

I am now aligned ( as of this weekend ) with a family member ( second cousin ) who is a graphics designer.

I'll be buying a IPAD after christmas, as well as an android tablet or 2 for testing on ( i may even splurge for an iphone ( who knows )

I am come across a nice piece of software that seems to be just what the doctor ordered for this sort of thing. Its called Corona by it is a mobile cross platform developmet for IPHONE / IOS 4 and Android devices

It has all the game physics built in and seems pretty easy to use. The language that it uses is called LUA - a C or C# linke language. It seems very powerful!

I'll keep ya'll posted as the game progresses. I hope to have my first game out by End of Feburary in the Apple App stroe - We shall see.

My new website for Game developmet will be - keep checking it for more game inforamtion... I'll be giving away some free copies when its done.

 Update - AnscaMobile is Now - CoronaLabs

check them out at



Samsung Vibrant - T-Mobile - HD Video Recorder

Samsung Vibrant - T-Mobile Android Update

I woke up to a very nice surprise, my Samsung Vibrant had an update ready to install. While I was hoping for 2.2 Froyo ( which did not happen ) I did have several little tidbits waiting for my attention, I received a nice HD Camcorder, and a task manager similar to Advanced Task Killer.

In addition dialer looks to have had a slight change to it, and there seems there are more icons in the application that I need to explorer.

Thanks T-Mobile this should hold me over to a little longer while waiting for Froyo.

Firmware 2.1-update1

Build number ECLAIR.UVJI6



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